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Fish Restocking

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Brown trout

Fish restockingWe supply brown trout up to two years old.


These fish are held in high flow rates and in very low density which ensures very good quality of flesh and fins. We stand by the quality of our brown trout.


People buy the fish as one year olds to grow on to catchable weight and two year olds which are an ideal taking size.

Table 1: Prices in £ per 100 fish

Av. Fish Length Price/100 fish Av. Fish Length Price/100 fish
Fed Fry £40 9-10" £365
1-3" £65 10-11" £420
3-5" £90 11-12" £517
6" £123 12-13" £570
7" £160 1lb and over

sold by weight


8" £230  



Fish feed is from £2/kg


Fish countingBrown trout are regarded as better fighters on rod and line than rainbows but we don’t intend to enter this angling debate. However Brown trout are preferred to rainbow trout because of their tolerance to pH and acidic water and their being more suited to colder water. They are indigenous to Scotland and therefore the natural choice. All our fish are hand-graded and individually counted.


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Rainbow trout

We produce rainbow for both restocking and on-growing.


We are able to supply rainbows at very specific times of year.


Please call or email us to discuss your requirements. We can supply all females or triploids.


Rainbow trout prices are available on request.


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Salmon and sea trout

Inverness Fish Farming has been involved in the conservation of salmon and sea trout stocks on a number of rivers throughout Scotland including prestigious rivers such as the river Spey.

We can catch your broodstock and rear from your adult fish either on your site at our own hatchery.


Please contact us for your requirements.


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Table 2: Prices in per 1000 fish




Numbers of fish

Sea trout

Numbers of fish

Up to 10k10-20kOver 20k Up to 10k10-20kOver 20k
Unfed fry 706560504540
6 week fed fry 959085605550
3 month fed fry 130120110858075
Yearling 700600550500450400
Smolt S2 1000950900   



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Fish Delivery Prices

50p per mile + VAT.

Charges apply to the round trip.

Insurance is included.

Often there are other orders on route. If so, delivery costs are reduced by upto 25%.


Our rates are very competitive and we will deliver anywhere. We stock lochs that require travelling over an hour in an argocat.


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